The Björn Jawerth Memorial Site

Björn’s Students

Anca Deliu, Ph.D. August 1988

Carlos Perez, Ph.D. August 1989

Rodolfo Torres, Ph.D. August 1989

Nathan Hall, M.Sc. July 1990

Neil D’Souza, M.Sc. July 1990

Chia-chang Hsiao, Ph.D. July 1992

Mong–Shu Lee, Ph.D. May 1993

Bian-Giao Deng, Ph.D. July 1993

Ken Yarnall, Ph.D. July 1992

Qun Wu, Ph.D. May 1994

Shahnasz Vatani, M.Sc. 1992 (Comp. Eng.)

Bonnie Kelly, M.Sc. November 1992

Chen Chang, M.Sc. July 1992

Marius Mitrea, Ph.D. May 1994

Michaela Cornea, M.Sc. August 1997

Anping Chen, Ph.D. August 1996

Kumar Metlapalli, M.Sc. August 1996 (Comp. Sci.)

Wim Sweldens, Ph.D. May 1994

Weimin Zheng, Ph.D. August 1996

Eric Sinzinger, M.Sc. Fall 1996

Marcus Koszica, M.Sc. Fall 1997

Emil Cornea, Ph.D. August 1997

Michaela Cornea, M.Sc. August 1999 (Comp. Sci)

Eric Sinzinger, Ph.D. 1999 (Comp. Sci.)

Jimmy Lu, Ph.D. student (Comp. Sci)

Chong Li, M.Sc. June 2000 (Comp. Sci)

Carolina Henriksson, M.Sc. August 1999

Maria Johanneson, M.Sc. August 1999

Jessica Olson, M.Sc. August 1999

Rickard Rohlin, M.Sc. August 1999

Rikard Thomasson, M.Sc. August 1999

Tobias Gebäck, M.Sc. August 1999

Johan Strömbeck, M.Sc. August 1999

Torbjörn Ahlqvist, M.Sc. August 1999

Edward Fäldt, M.Sc. August 1999

Daniel Brännström, M.Sc. August 1999

Daniel Bäck, M.Sc. August 1999

Marc Mjögeman, M.Sc. August 1999

Peter Tjärnström, M.Sc. August 1999

Andreas Garsell, M.Sc. February 1999

Andreas Englin, M.Sc. January 1999

Henrik Karlsson, M.Sc. August 1999

Lennart Svensson, M.Sc. August 1999

Markus Frank, M.Sc. February 1999

Kjell-Ove Vik, M.Sc. February 1999


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